I'm a Criminology Professor. I teach classes in Deviance, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Law and Society, and Serial Murder.

I'm sorry, but I can't answer your homework/exam questions for you.


m-adis0n asked
So I am currently majoring Criminology and am about to add Psychology and double major. I am not 100% certain exactly what I want to do. Forensic psychologist would be awesome but I know there's virtually no job market in that. I've also looked at Crime Analysis and being a Criminologist. But my big question is where on earth do I find an internship that relates to Crim and Psych?

Look at your local prosecutor’s office or public defender’s office. Search government jobs. We have an office of criminal justice research in our state that hires interns, as does the state prison system.

felisquet asked
Hi, Do you know much on Youth in Public spaces? Im looking at doing research into it. Are there any key concepts and terms that are vital in assessing how authority and power leads towards violence and move on orders by lets say police and people in authoritative positions?

That’s not my area of expertise at all, but I would recommend starting by reading the classic “The Saints and the Roughnecks” by Chambliss.

If women's roles in ads were played by men

Not really criminology related, but an easy way to identify sexism is to reverse the roles. How is performing masculinity (or femininity) associated with crime?

Murder rates around the world.

Murder rates around the world.

If you’re in my class, it’s probably more about just showing up.

If you’re in my class, it’s probably more about just showing up.

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Fun Fact: The average person would walk past a murderer about 36 times in their lifetime.

Depends on where you walk….

criminologist-in-the-making asked
If you could evaluate the current practices and procedures used in court in relation to working with victims how would you evaluate the success? and if you could create reforms in the court system to better the victims what would you do ( I am mainly talking about sexual assault and domestic violence victims)

Oh man. That’s a paper I don’t want to write.